The value of shooting

Of all the skills in basketball there is no skill more valuable than shooting from distance. If there is one single skill that a player can have that will give them a spot on elite teams it is the ability to shoot from distance.

I remember watching an aging basketball legend Phil Dixon win the Toronto Nike Battlegrounds one-on-one basketball tournament by hitting jump shot after jump shot against a much bigger player who simply could defend him so far from the basket. If Phil hadn’t become a good shooter he surely would have lost against his younger 6’11” opponent.

Steve Kerr was a three point specialist as a player on five NBA championship teams. No surprise that as a coach he just won his first NBA championship with the sharp shooting Golden State Warriors. As a player Kerr was a 6’3″ 175lb guard who was not blessed with the kind of otherworldly athleticism that is typical in the NBA, but Kerr could shoot three-point shots. Steve Kerr is the NBA’s career leader in three-point percentage at 45.3%.
“Great shooting makes up for all manner of sins” Chuck Daley

There is a premium on good shooters. Great shooters have great footwork and fundamentals. With this in mind I will be using many drills in my practices that will emphasize shooting and finding footwork that leads to well balanced jump shots.