Active Coaching

I have been attending a lot of coaching clinics and team tryouts over the last few weeks. I have noticed something about some of the best coaches I’ve seen. They are always offering vocal encouragement and instruction.

I here their voices non-stop throughout the gym time. Often correcting drills as they are being done, always encouraging the players for more. One more shot one more pass, do the drill one more time.
This is great coaching. Always challenging the players to give more, focusing on one detail at a time, keeping the players moving so they don’t dwell on errors.

These are not coaches that want to stop practice and hear the sound of their own voice while they give a presentation on basketball.

These coaches put the kids out there into the drill and get the players to correct along the way, thats the way to do it.  The players need to do the drills and make the mistakes and fix and improve with each repitition of the drill.

At the end of practice good coaches  have worked as hard as the players at their craft.